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iPhone 5 Full specifications and Review

July 1, 2011

People are psyched about everything that is innovative and thatis why everyone wants what is best. New gadgets have lots of features that we couldn’t even dream of twenty years ago. Now, one of the most loved gadgets is the Apple iPhone. There has been a series of iPhones released by Apple and now it is time for us to welcome the iPhone 5. Apparently, the iPhone 5 features will probably be somewhat different from what iPhone 4 had. However, there are no concrete claims about the iPhone 5 features. Most rumors come from people who claim that they talked to someone who works for the company or that they actually had a glimpse of the actual smart phone. Any way, there is no certitude.
The new iPhone 5 is probably the most expected product in 2011. People can’t wait to see just how the iPhone 5 features differ from the other Apple iPhones we got used to. There are a few secrets that have been revealed referred to some of the iPhone 5 features. However, it is not know whether they are fact or fiction yet. It appears that iPhone 5 will probably be more practical, as people who got accustomed to the old-style keyboard will finally have one on the iPhone 5. Another thing that will make the iPhone 5 really innovate smart phones is the fact that it will probably have both a 4G network and iCloud. If you don’t really know what the latter is, you should know that it is related to cloud computing. Quite interesting for a cell phone! Then there are people who wanted a better camera in the new iPhone 5. As rumors say, they will probably have it! Eight megapixels are predicted by most people, but more optimistic ones even wish for a 12 megapixel camera. This would all be great, but will it actually be one of the iPhone 5 features or not?
iPhone 5 Specifications:
iPhone 5 Processor: 1.2GHz Dual Core.
Advanced Antenna: The problems with the iPhone 4 is completely worked out on the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Screen Size: 3.7-4.0 inches (scratch and shatter proof) Apple will be removing more of the nonsensitive borders on either side of the screen, reducing the size of the home button and possibly increase the size of the phone itself.
iPhone 8 Camera: The new iPhone 5 will have an megapixel camera and can record full HD video (720p we expect) with a capped recording time of 25 to 30 seconds. The camera is equipped with a Omnivision OV8820 sensor.
Battery Backup: iPhone 5 comes with an awesome battery that exceeds the life of the 3G by 14 hours – 7 hours over 4G which makes it perfect for heavy use.
Multiple Versions: It is expected that Apple will be releasing 3 versions of the iPhone 5, one is the regular iPhone that includes all of the specifications listed here, the second will have a sliding qwerty physical keyboard, and the last will be an iPhone 5 mini which will a smaller screen, fewer features and a lower price point.
iPhone 5 Photogallery

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch early in the month of September 2011 in the US and shortly after that in Canada. iphone,iphone4,iphone5,iphone5 price,iphone5 review,iphone5 specifications,iphone5 apps,iphone5 features,iphone5 software,iphone5 wallpaper


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